Solid Waste & Recycling

Van Buren County Solid Waste and Recycling
is responsible for environmental quality, handling
of waste products, and transferrence of materials out of
the county to the requisite entities. Check us out on Facebook

2018 Holiday & Closings Schedule (County)
2018 Holiday & Closings Schedule (FFB)

Community Recycle Trailer Locations & Schedule

All comments, questions, and concerns in regard
to recycled material and what we do, should be directed to:

Recycling Guidelines
The Recycling Centers in VBC/FFB accept the following:
   #1 PET Drink Bottles
   #2 HDPE Opaque Milk Bottles
   #2 Solid Colored Plastic Containers
   Corrugated Cardboard/Brown Paper Bags
   Aluminum Drink Cans
   Metal (Tin) Food Cans
   Scrap Metal - Mixed
   Tires -Passenger/Light Truck
   E-Wastes (PCs, TVs, Printers, Phones) - [Requires Small Fee] 

NEW Tire Recycling Regulations (Click here) - [Contact # to call: 1-870-793-5233]