August and Liberty

August is a notoriously hot month for Arkansans. In 1936 there were recorded temperatures in the state up to 117°F. There are many ways to keep cool in warm weather, but as there are no major holidays this month what else is significant about August?

Well, the birthstones for August are the peridot and sardonyx, the flower is the Gladiolus (poppy), and the zodiac signs are Leo and Virgo. But in 1886, August 5th was also the day the cornerstone was laid for the Statue of Liberty, appropo for the month whose name means "venerable" (respected and impressive).

The Statue of Liberty is of course symbolic of the liberties provided to and enjoyed by the citizens of the United States; so in honor of that spirit, August is a great month for touring our fair land and seeing what makes it great (it's Family Fun Month and Admit You're Happy Month, after all). If you plan a trip to, near, or through Van Buren County (or even if you do not) we here at the County would like to wish you a "Bon voyage" and also a heart-felt "Y'all come back y'hear?" to those who have already discovered us.